Glass Project: more than just a futuristic concept according to Google

The Google Goggles are not just a futuristic project which will come in ten or twenty years is that the Mountain View company has recently suggested.

In presenting his Glass Project, Google had published the famous video demonstrating the potential uses of glasses connected embarking Android system. It sees a user viewing messages, calculating a route from Google Maps or a video call. For some, the video was far too ambitious. The Mountain View company nevertheless wished to say that this project out of the secret labs of Google X, is on track to development.

In an interview obtained by Fast Company magazine, Steve Lee, Head of Project Development of Glass explains, “we have not released this video with the intention of making a futuristic clip (…) it s ‘is not about Google in 2019“. He added that several of the elements presented are already integrated in the form of prototypes. “Maps Take for example: you can already get a map of your current postion and search for nearby restaurants“, he says.

Currently at the prototype stage, these glasses should be born in 2013, at least this is what revealed the co-founder of Google Sergey Brin in an interview with Gavin Newsom, Lieutenant Governor of California, during a television program.

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