Gmail Mobile gets an Outbox (Aug. 14, 2009) — A few months ago, Google launched a browser version of Gmail for mobile. Now Google has added the outbox feature to the mobile version of Gmail for Android and iPhone users.

Gmail.com_outboxMobile Gmail is the ability to compose a message when you don’t have an internet connection, and send it when you’re online again, in between writing and sending, though, these messages have always been in limbo. With this Outbox, you can determine whether a recently sent message was sent or is still in the waiting queue.

Since Outbox is a limited read-only feature, you won’t be able to edit the e-mail, or even tap it to read the entire body.

However, it only provides an at-a-glance confirmation that an e-mail is still waiting to be sent. for mobile is accessed from the browser on iPhones running 2.2.1 of the operating system or above, and on Android phones. It’s available in U.S. English.

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