Gmail’s Search Gets Suggestive with Labs Add-On

Gmail unveiled a new labs add on (the fifth this month) that manages the search tool services, whenever you type search messages for a specific person, it will automatically begin to give suggestions for contacts of who you’re trying to search for.

gmailThis same system is also applied for remembering any of Gmail’s search operators, so when type in what date range the message should be from, what kind of media an attachment should be (like videos, pictures, or zipped files), or simply searching things by file name, every time it sticks the modifier in there for you, without your proper nomenclature or where to stick the semicolons and parenthesis.

You may like this add-on because it puts all things in main search bar, which sticks with you no matter what you’re doing on the service. You can find it near the bottom of the Gmail labs add-on page.

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