Going Green: Six Affordable Eco-Friendly Gadgets

The environment is often the prime casualty in today’s fast-paced, technology-propelled world. The malaise of non-biodegradable products, electronic scrap, and electricity wastage are being increasingly felt every passing day. So the global community truly ought to harness environment-friendly devices forthwith to extenuate the effect on Earth’s resources.
To help you contribute towards the green cause, here’s a roundup of 6 of the finest eco friendly gadgets in the market:

Switch LED bulb

Switch LED Bulb

The breakthrough Switch LED bulb is a modern-day electrical marvel mainly due to its awesome 25000-hour rated life. Detailed facets:
a) A Switch LED bulb’s lifespan is 25 times that of an incandescent light thereby assuring great savings.
b) The flawless design is characterized by a solid aluminum base, an intuitive driver, embedded liquid cooling knowhow, and a stylish overall look. The bulb can be had in both clear and frosted alternatives.
c) The bulb is available in different wattages and in two color temperature variants – 2700K and the more vivid 4700K. Both these variants ensure even and adequate light distribution in accordance with room dynamics.
d) Versatility is assured as the bulb may be used with all types of dimmers and fixtures as also in any layout or orientation.
e) The bulb also does not produce harmful UV rays making it bug-resistant as well.



BioLite CampStove

BioLite CampStove

This ingenious product aims to save the environment by reducing your dependence on polluting fuel and gas. The CampStove, which costs around USD 130, boasts the ensuing extensive features:

a) You can power the CampStove with organic matter like leaves and twigs. Its inbuilt thermoelectric generator conveniently transforms the heat generated from these organic resources into electrical energy, which can be used to cook meals.
b) The generated electricity can also be used sustain devices like mobile phones, LED lights, and more. The CampStove sports a USB port to facilitate the charging function.
c) The stove lights rapidly and is simple to operate.
d) The product may be used while trekking and even at home; it is especially beneficial during power failures.



Hammacher Schlemmer Generator

Hammacher Schlemmer Generator

This gadget may be dear at roughly USD 2000, but its value and eco-friendliness cannot be questioned. The Hammacher Schlemmer generator is a solar-powered contrivance that charges all varieties of electronic devices – from lights to laptops to refrigerators. Comprehensive attributes:
a) The generator emits no unwholesome fumes and functions silently unlike other conventional systems.
b) The built-in battery has a strong 1250-wattage guaranteeing numerous hours of power support.
c) The device gleans solar energy through 2 flat boards specially provided for the purpose. Included connecting wires help keep the boards a fair distance away from your home, next to maximum sunlight.
d) The device may be re-charged quickly – either via AC means or by connecting more solar boards.
e) The generator also displays useful power-related information via its inbuilt LCD screen



iBamboo Speaker

The iBamboo speaker’s chief traits are that it uses no electricity and that it’s composed entirely from bamboo – a recognized environment-friendly resource. Detailed specifications and merits:
a) The bamboo construction accords excellent acoustics and resonant sound while making the device exceptionally practical to make.
b) The speaker is touted to greatly enhance and complement iPhone audio output.
c) The naturalness of bamboo provides attractiveness and a distinct identity to every manufactured speaker, each being a joy to behold.
d) In addition, the iBamboo speaker is said to generate positive vibes lending itself well to feng-shui philosophies

Samsung Galaxy Exhilarate

Samsung Galaxy Exhilarate

If you fancy an eco-friendly phone, this Samsung Android gadget should be on the top of your list. Attributes:
a) The Exhilarate is constructed from 80% decomposable material making it a very green product indeed.
b) The phone comes with a unique power-saving charger.
c) The mobile phone showcases a 4-inch super AMOLED screen and a 5-megapixel rear shooter. The Android interface is firmware-upgradable to Ice Cream Sandwich.

Owing to its environmental aspects, the Exhilarate has been certified as an “Environmentally Preferable Product” by Underwriters Laboratories.


Kikkerland Radio

Kikkerland Radio

The Kikkerland radio is not only green in color but also green in nature. This innovative radio utilizes 2 discrete environment-friendly methods to power itself – the sun and human operation (by means of a side crankshaft). The radio renders FM along with AM stations and incorporates a headphone jack as well as an antenna. In addition, the set is cute, compact, and will cost you merely around USD 25 – truly a handy ecological companion at home or in the outdoors.


Go ahead – make a sanguine environmental statement right away!


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