Google Friend Connect Gets Comment Translation (May 8,2009) — Google comment translation will be a boon to international blogs and sites, such as Go2Web20, which use Google Friend Connect as a login system.

google-friendGoogle Friend Connect added a new feature, comment translation. The comment widget can now unify the language of any comment thread, turning any and all comments into one language.

This means that if you have one post in French, another in German, and yet another in Russian, you can click an option to read them all in the same language.

The translation is still machine translation, but it is usually good enough to get across the main gist of what people are saying.

The way it works is the comment widget has a “translate” link which then pops up a menu of languages to choose from. The translated comments are then highlighted in yellow.

Google is using its own Translate API to do this work. Friend Connect users who already have the tool installed on their blogs or sites do not have to upgrade.

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