Google launches its new DoubleClick Ad Exchange (Sept. 18, 2009) — Google launches a new version of an online Ad exchange, the DoubleClick Ad Exchange that will allow advertisers and publishers to buy and sell advertising space.

googleAd Exchange would comprise Google’s own advertising auction systems AdWords and AdSense programmes, expanding the number of buyer and seller that could use the online exchange.

Google’s ad exchange is based on the following principles:

-Simplify the system for buying and selling display ads to help advertisers and publishers mange their campaigns and ad formats.

-Deliver better performance that advertisers and agencies can measure to figure out what is working and what is not.

-Open up the ecosystem, the ecosystem consists of Ad Exchange Sellers and Buyers, Google AdWords Advertisers and Google AdSense Publishers.

The benefits for buyers: Access to more ad space and more publishers, Real-time bidder, new easy to use interface with enhanced buyer reporting capabilities, more control, a new API and the centralized clearing system.

The benefits for sellers: Access to more advertisers, Real-time dynamic allocation to maximize yield, more control, Hassle-free payments, new easy to use interface with enhanced reporting capabilities.

For years Yahoo’s Right Media Exchange has been the de facto leader in the exchange market.

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