Google On Road To Make Driverless Cars

Google and automobiles seem to have no first hand relation, right? However, the search giant is keenly interested in technologies, which are poles apart from it. Let’s check out the most recent news which made us remind you of the fact said above.

Google is reported to have hired lobbyist David Goldwater to represent the company in its run to legalize the running of autonomous/driverless vehicles on Nevada roads. Earlier this year, it had claimed to have been conducting live tests of self- driving vehicles on California roads. Now, Google is on road to make all these legal!

Google claims that computer controlled vehicles will be much safer than conventional human driven vehicles as they are able to respond to road conditions more quickly. Besides, it is projected to tackle issues like drunken and careless driving.

But, what is it that prompted Google to choose Nevada for its new endeavor? There may be three reasons behind this. First, Nevada has a history of allowing things that other states don’t; prostitution being the most infamous example.

Second, Las Vegas has been hosting the famous Consumer Electronics Show (CES) every year. Third, Nevada has a lot of roads that have very little traffic and found to be best suited for testing driverless cars.

Nevertheless Google doesn’t seem to back out from its experiments on autonomous vehicles. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have pushed for legislation. With this, there will be two bills in consideration relating to autonomous vehicles in the Nevada legislature.

The first will be the one seeking an amendment to another bill regarding electric vehicles that would create a means of licensing and testing autonomous vehicles on public roads. The other one calls for an exemption for such “drivers” from the current law that forbids texting while behind the wheel.

So, if Google succeeds at convincing the government, you will probably see such cars on road in the next couple of years. Follow this link to see a video.

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