Google Releases 1 Million Free eBooks in EPub Format (Aug. 27, 2009) — Google has started offering one million public domain books in EPUB format, an open e-book format- the exact format that Sony’s Daily Edition reader likes.

google_logoThe EPUB format stands for “electronic publication”, which is a lightweight text-based digital book format that allows the text to automatically adjust on a variety of devices and screens.

Anyone can now free download more than one million more public domain books in an additional format, EPUB as well as in the already available PDF format from Google Books.

Google and Sony’s format of choice, EPUB, the contents are text based, either XHTML or a custom XML standard, free, open ebook standard and contents can be re-adjust itself to the viewing area, so, any titles you have in EPUB format, you can transfer to another device, but Kindle does not support it.

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