GraphicDesignerToolbox Provides Fast Tools for Web Designers

webdesignAfter more than four years of development, Opcoders has now released GraphicDesignerToolbox Version 1.0 — a Mac OS X-based graphics editor for generating textures, composing logos, photo manipulation, text effects and web graphics.
This version of GraphicDesignerToolbox is targeted at professional web designers and artists. “Because you can work with bitmaps and vectors,” “it’s possible to make a wide range of graphics spanning from seamless tiling textures to vector logos.” said creator Simon Strandgaard.
In addition to virtual drawing tools and layers, it provides adaptable building blocks that allow for extensive tweaking and reuse, like a modular sound synthesizer.
GraphicDesignerToolbox is now complete. GraphicDesignerToolbox requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later. It costs $39.95.

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