Great Gadgets to Protect your Business

It’s always important to protect your business and if you can do so with the aid of a nifty gadget so much the better.

Looking after the exterior

Security shutters from SecurityDirectUK are a great way to protect the interior and the exterior of your property. These strong shutters will withstand fire and ram raiders as well as the unwanted attentions of any burglar. There are also a number of ingenious devices on the market that should deter the most determined of criminals.

Security lights are indispensable

Criminals don’t like being in the spotlight. The Saxby security light will provide a ‘dazzling glare’ when activated. All the thief has to do is alert the light’s sensors to his presence, and hey presto – they’ll be swathed in a Hollywood style illumination. This gadget is great for dark corners of your premises as well as doors and windows.

The ideal safe

Burton Torino safe

According to The Independent newspaper, the Burton Torino safe is one of the most secure on the market. Insurers love this product, though testers at Which magazine aren’t so sure; when testing the safe the testers just couldn’t penetrate its strong doors, breaking chisels, hammers and even mallets in the process.

Dye is wonderful

If you carry a lot of cash on your premises, then it’s always a good idea to use anti-theft dye in a bid to deter criminals. An article in The Daily Mail recounts how criminals tried so hard to move this tell tale dye from the proceeds of recent robberies in Manchester that they are literally washing bank notes in a bid to remove the SmartWater dye.

Initially the thieves aren’t aware that the notes they steal have been covered in the dye, which has been activated by a radio receiver that’s placed inside a money bag. The moment that the bag is moved from the premises a radio transmitter that’s fixed to the building’s doors will alert the receiver in the bag and dye is spread all over the money. Thanks to modern technology specific bundles of cash can be linked to specific crimes.

Don’t forget cyber fraud

It’s not just the physical aspects of your business that need protecting. Cyberfraud is on the increase and the UK Government has built a special website to deal with the problem. The unit advises the use of up to date security software. The Telegraph published an article that stated that online banking fraud reached a frightening £29.3 million in 2014. Barclays bank has introduced a biometric gadget that can analyse the veins in the fingers of its customers so they can access their online accounts. Other banks have introduced specific car readers for online banking, but as fast as the banks come up with new technologies to defeat cyber crime, the fraudsters and thieves come up with ways to defeat this technology.

No business wants to give access to their company computers to a criminal, so in this instance the best gadget might be human intelligence. Always check your security procedures and update your computer security systems. You can never afford to be complacent in the face of virtual or real criminals.

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