How Businesses Can Supplement Their IT Department via Web Security Firms


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Web security is doubtlessly very important for every web-connected company and that’s why having IT departments is becoming a standard for most companies nowadays. The question, however, is whether or not these IT departments are enough to ensure web security. Is it still necessary to seek supplementary solutions from third party web security firms? And if professional third party web security assistance is sought, what extent should these solutions cover?

To address these questions, consider going over the brief discussions below.

Addressing New, Unfamiliar Threats

So you have your own IT department — does this mean that you no longer need the services of a web security firm? The answer will depend on a number of factors, particularly in the skills and know-how of the IT people in your company. If you have talented personnel, you might be able to stay up to date with emerging threats and deal with them effectively. However, what if your IT personnel are not that well-trained? What if you lack the necessary investment to acquire tools to quickly address web attacks?

In the case of the relatively new Heartbleed security threat, for instance, if your IT department is not that competent or well-updated with the latest online security risks, your company’s confidential or delicate data could have been compromised. Before Heartbleed made it to the news, it was already affecting devices. If your IT department is not keeping up with the developments in the field of web security, you are simply risking your digital assets and important data. Of course, Heartbleed is just an example and addressing it hasn’t been that difficult. This is just to emphasize the point that if your IT department does not have the necessary competence, know-how, or resources, you can always turn to a third party web security solutions provider.


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Web Security Tools

Web security firms offer software tools that make it easier for companies to implement web security measures. You can’t expect the IT department of a startup company or even a mid-sized one to be competent enough to write dependable web security applications or formulate security solutions from scratch for every possible occasion. In almost all cases, there will be a need to purchase web security software or comprehensive solutions to protect digital assets, secure a company’s network, and ensure privacy.

Staff Trainings, Orientations, or Workshops on Web Security

There will also be instances when an IT department will have to ask for the assistance of web security specialist for training or workshops on ensuring network and Internet security. Not every company will be able to hire the best IT professionals around. Sometimes, there will be a need to find resource persons who can provide greater insights in the field of security. Of course, who else could provide the appropriate insights and information other than the web security firms that focus their attention entirely on online security?


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Trainings and workshops don’t have to be personally conducted. They could be through web conferencing supplemented by various modules that provide detailed discussions on various web security topics. Many web security firms also maintain blogs or post regular updates on emerging Internet security risks and threats—it would be good following these blogs or online posts to be up to date with the latest in possible online security problems.

Software Audits

For companies involved in producing software or apps, another important service web security firms can do for them is software audit or evaluation. To ensure that the applications developed are bug-free, well-optimized, and secure, software code analysis has to be undertaken. The analysis can be done internally (by the company’s own software development team or IT department) but there are cases when seeking external analysis can be very useful. Companies that have been doing code analysis for a long time naturally have more experience, tools, resources and know-how in doing the job, since they’ve usually had a broad cross-section of experience, so they can be able to do it better.

Having an IT department is not a guarantee of full web security. There will be times when the assistance of a firm that specializes in web security solutions will be necessary. Even companies with first-rate IT people may have to seek the assistance of web security experts to make sure that they are fully protected from all kinds of risks or threats online.

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