How Nokia put its biggest fans’ loyalty on the line (Oct 21, 2009) — While Nokia struggles in the high-end handset marketplace, its advance to updates is turning off a few of its keenest UK clientele. Since the company owns more than a third of the world’s mobile phones, Nokia is still the major participant in the wireless manufacturing – but at its Helsinki headquarters, things are beginning to appear gloomy. Previous week it reported sales downwards more than 8%, creating losses of £836m over the past three months and the chief financial officer was consequently shuffled out of his job.

Nokia-N97Pundits and analysts place a large amount of the blame on Nokia’s incapability to maintain with the likes of the iPhone and the BlackBerry, expensive devices that are more pleasing to clients, and more lucrative.

But as the company has certainly gone a number of years since its last hit handset, there might be more restrained clues to Nokia’s depression – not least in the approach it is treating some of its most enthusiastic supporters.

Dissatisfied British clients are organizing a campaign claiming that Nokia’s software updates frequently appear in the UK weeks or months following other places.

Mobile phone companies release their software updates to fix troubles, and to attach or develop features. In several countries, for example Germany, Nokia’s updates are sent over the air to mobile phones as soon as they are finished. For British users, though, it can occasionally takes weeks or months and in a few cases, approval for the UK marketplace takes so extended that an update is outdated before it is accepted.

These delays not merely happen for those who have contracts with mobile networks, but too those who paid additional for unlocked phones supported straight by Nokia.

The difficulty is predominantly marked on several of the most prestigious handsets – including the N97, a phone that Nokia’s chief executive, Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, called “the world’s most advanced mobile computer” when it came out in July.

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