How Technology Will Make Driving Safer And Greener In 2015

While we’re still waiting for flying cars seen in science fiction films, modern technology has made huge advancements in transportation. We now have various electronic and hybrid automobiles and scientists are even researching alternative fuel resources. Not only are these advancements helping the environment, they also aim to help people to drive safely. After all, a lot of accidents are caused by human error. Let’s take a look at a couple of examples of how technology will be helping drivers this year…

How Technology Will Make Driving Safer And Greener In 2015

Electric Cars

One of the most successful attempts at using alternative fuel for automobiles is with electric-powered vehicles. While electric and hybrid cars have become common in recent years, it is still a developing technology with progress in battery technology and a focus on lower emissions significantly raising the interest in them.

Elon Musk, one of the most well-known industrialists today, owns Tesla Motors. With Tesla Motors, Musk spearheaded the rise of the new generation of electric cars. It all began in 2008 when Tesla Motors released their Roadster sports car. Since then, they have released sedans and other kinds of automobiles. And the best part? They’re relatively cheap, they run well, and they’re not harmful to the environment. In fact, they were so successful that other major car companies followed suit.

Charging points are springing up across the country at petrol stations and shopping centres – greatly increasing the opportunity to use this sort of vehicle. For many of us electric cars are a genuine option for our next car purchase.

Smart Cars

One of the ways that car companies have curbed unnecessary fuel use and made driving safer is with the help of what is commonly called ‘Smart Cars’. Smart Cars, with a state of the art navigation system, have managed to cut down accidents by predicting the driver’s behaviour as well as what the traffic will do. It’s more than just a GPS, it’s more akin to having a state of the art computer built into your car while still maintaining the car’s usability and functionality.

This system has been adapted by major car companies, including Nissan. Nissan has started integrating new onboard navigation technology that can help drivers make safer and greener decisions while on the road. With the aid of the intelligent transport system (ITS) infrastructure, drivers can now be made aware of alternate routes that would shorten their travel time which can lead them to save valuable money on fuel.

Google has also launched its Android Auto app, using Google Maps and voice control technology to bridge the gap between a dashboard display and a computer screen.

Big agenda

The current generation of learners is growing up in a world where environmental issues are at the top of the agenda – The Guardian calls it the biggest story in the world – and they will want to learn how to drive efficiently and safely. They’re tech savvy too so they’ll want to use the latest innovations, where possible, to be green and safe. Young people will also continue to use technology to pop online and save money this year – using free theory test resources to avoid the old guide books that were a staple diet just a few years ago.

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    its right as you said that a lot of accidents are caused due to human errors.

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