How To Back Up Your Offline Emails To An Online Account (May 23, 2009) — Gmail’s migration feature helps you migrate from other Web-based e-mail services to Gmail. There is a way to back up an offline POP3 e-mail archive to an online e-mail service.

offline_emailsFirst, download and use Windows Mail Live to connect with the Hotmail account. Windows Mail Live synchronizes with your Hotmail account, which means all the e-mails you have downloaded to your computer will remain on the Hotmail server and be available for you to view using a Web browser.

Apart from and e-mail accounts, Windows Mail Live can also handle other types of accounts, including POP3. When you have multiple e-mail accounts with Windows Mail Live, each account will have a separate set of “Inbox,” “Sent Items,” “Drafts,” and so on, as well as other user-created folders.

If you want to upload an existing Outlook Express e-mail archive to your Hotmail account, first run Windows Mail Live and import your Outlook Express messages.

Once the import process is done, create a new folder within your Hotmail account and name it, say, “POP3 backup.” You can create different folders for different groups of e-mails. After that, you can drag and drop or copy messages from the POP3 import into these new folders.

Now all you need to do is sync the Hotmail account and voila! You will see those added folders and e-mails you’ve just imported on the Hotmail server. This means you can access them wherever you are via a browser and they are saved in Hotmail server.

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