How to Get a Girl Love You

Snigdha Sandip

Every boy out there deep inside his heart wants to impress girls.  The majority  tend to seek after vivid ways to get a place in her heart.  First you have to take time and look inside you. Then figure out the type of person who’s most compatible with you. Understand that every girl is different. Always keep in mind that honesty is the key to success. You have to be yourself.

What is that actually gets a girl to like you, and how can you get better at it? Check out some of the simple steps we list out for you.

Make a good impression with your personality

Always be confident about your deeds. Never walk in a defeated and depressed way. Always walk with your head up, like you are proud to be yourself. Always make her comfortable in your company. Make her  feel  she can approach you with any problems. Always try to give mature solutions than making fun of her. If you like yourself, everyone will start to like you. Be yourself all the time.

Maintain eye contact

If you look deep into a girl’s eyes, chances are she might  turn a jelly. For example, when you first see her, make eye contact across a room and wink, and that will blow her mind out. While she is talking, look into her eyes that will give her a feeling that you are interested in her conversation. Never look below her chin or neck. It will create a bad impression and feeling that you don’t respect her. Try to give a feeling that you are noticing her.

Develop a great sense of humor

Girls always love to laugh. Prove you are cool with everyone you know.  Be fun to hang around with, easy to laugh with, and be outgoing. Girls love it when guys can make them laugh. Always be optimistic and easygoing.

Start with short conversations

Don’t allow her to break the conversation off for at least the first few times. Always make it simple and sweet. Give her a feeling that you had to go and always remember to wish her a good day before leaving.

Show respect

Always give and take respect in a relation. Everyone wants to talk about themselves. If you give proper attention and respect to your girl she will also respect you. Remember the fact that each one needs their own space. If they see you giving respect to all, it’s a reassurance for her that you will respect her also. Always give great care for those things which she value much. Never try to hurt her ego and create a feeling that you are there to respect and understand her.

Compliment her

Compliment and encourage her that will boost her confidence. Don’t tell about her looks right away. If she is a good-looking girl, she won’t be swayed easily by comments on their physical appearance. Find more about her inner beauty. Tell her about the qualities that make her an outstanding girl.

Get close

Try to know her tastes and talk about it. If you read a good article, discuss about it. Find out the common interests among you. Then you will see that you can talk to her for hours without getting bored. Most girls love to share their emotions, so if you share yours with them they will greatly appreciate it. Tell her that you think she is a great friend, or tell her you think she is cute.

Be polite to her parents

Don’t be too over-the-top charming with the parents, however, or they’ll think that you have something to hide. .Make sure that you and her father get along well. Gain their confidence so that they won’t deny your company and your friendship to her.

Hum in her presence

Most girls love singers. If you hum in her presence she will think of you whenever she hears that song. She may be impressed by your musical taste. Never insult her music. If you don’t like her music its ok but don’t talk ill of her favorite songs or brands.

Never try to be physical with her

Make a space between you and your partner. That will gain her confidence and she will be more open and close to you. It shows you as an honest person. If you give respect to her feelings she will naturally turn to you. Just give enough time to know about you.

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