How to make the Pepsi logo without drawing a line? [Photoshop Tutorial]

Pepsi Cola is popular with people all around the world and its logo design is also famous! And would you like to make a copy of Pepsi logo all by yourself without drawing lines and circles? Now you can realize it using Logo Maker in a very simple way! Let’s get started at once.

Step one
Choose two semicircles from Shape-Geometry category of Resource panel onto canvas. Select one of them and click on Mirror button to choose Vertical Mirror on tool bar. Then move semicircle to make them looks like a whole circle

Step Two
Fill in the two semicircles with red and blue. Click on More Colors button under Colors panel to input accurate values for those two colors, they are “#C7191A” and “#0061F6” separately.

Step Three
Choose the red semicircle and go to Gradient under Effect panel to choose the second effect and then click on Custom button to set Angle as 45 and drag triangle signal into the middle of color bar.

Step Four
Select blue semicircle and set effect to it.
A. Mouse over Sculpture effects in Effects Panel, and then choose the first effect;
B. Mouse over Stroke effects and click on Custom button to specify Width as 1 and choose dark blue (the sixth grid in the first line) for Outline Color;
C. Mouse over Reflection effects and choose the first effect;

Step Five
Choose curve element from Shape-Curve category onto canvas. Select the element and click on Mirror button on tool bar to choose Vertical Mirror . Then highlight the curve element, with mouse left click enabled, to adjust its dimension and angle of rotation manually to Width: 230, Height: 80, Skew H: -166, Skew V: 13. You can easily check the values simultaneously on the lower right corner of the software interface.

Step Six
Drag the curve to the middle of the circle and adjust curve color to white. Use Ctrl + A to select all the elements on canvas and right click on it to choose Group. At last, adjust element’s Width as 145 and Height as 94.

Step Seven
Click on Add Text button on tool bar to input text “PEPSI” and locate it on the upper position of the circle, choose Font as “Humanst531 UBLK BT” and set Size as 48, Space as -2.

Step Eight
Set Text effect under Effect panel by three steps.
A. Mouse over Shadow effects and select the fourth effect and specify Shadow Color as black;
B. Mouse over Sculpture effects and select the second effect;
C. Mouse Over Stroke effects and click on Custom button to set width as 2 and color value as “#003DA2”;

At last, we obtain the final Pepsi logo as shown.

Is it quite simple to make a copy of Pepsi logo? We believe you can do it without hard work. Come to experience it on your own now. And after this, does the entire process give you any idea or clue to create a brand new logo design for your own business? If that’s too much for you then perhaps you can find web-designers who are very well equipped to design perfect graphics for you to choose from. You can get in touch with the twago freelancers who will help you in getting a perfect logo.

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