How to Save Battery Life and RAM in Android Mobile Phones

Do you think the battery of your Android phone dies too fast? Do you think your device is too slow to respond and the memory amount it has always isn’t enough? I also had this problem with my Samsung Galaxy Ace when I just bought it – its battery lasted for less than a day, it took the phone many endless moments to open an app, and I always had that annoying feeling that my phone was short of RAM and built-in memory…

However, soon I discovered some very easy tips that help to save battery life on any Android phone and make it much faster. I’ve been following these tips for several months, and now the battery of my Galaxy Ace lasts for about three days (though I listen to music, read books, play Sudoku and speak much), and the phone has become much faster.

Here are the tips I’m using, and I hope they’ll be useful for you, too. They’re very simple, and even those who are new to Android will be able to follow them.

  • First of all, if you want to make your Android phone’s battery last longer, keep Wi-Fi and Bluetooth disabled and turn them on only when you need them. Keeping GPS off (if your phone has it) is also a good idea, even though it doesn’t consume that much when it’s not used.
  • Disabling sync will make your Android device faster and will save battery life, too, so if you don’t need all those apps that automatically sync all the time, just disable them. If you use the Gmail app to manage your emails, you can also sync only your inbox instead of syncing all labels. To do this, in the Gmail app go to Menu -> Settings -> Labels and sync only your inbox and a little number of days.

It’s also a good idea to remove all the calendars except your own one and sync only it – thus you’ll save battery life and memory space. In order to do it, go to Menu -> More -> My calendars -> Menu -> Remove calendars, then remove all calendars except yours.

  • A bright screen consumes much battery life, so if you want to save it, reduce the screen brightness as much as possible or, if your Android phone has this function, make it auto (so that it becomes brighter in outdoors and darker indoors; very useful thing, but unfortunately my Galaxy Ace doesn’t have it). To play with your Android phone’s brightness options, go to Settings -> Display -> Brightness.
  • It’s also a good idea to use dark wallpapers, since bright (and especially white) ones consume more energy, no matter how strange it may sound. If you care about your Android phone’s battery life, use static wallpapers instead of live ones: Those live wallpapers are attractive, of course, but they’ll drain your battery in a day or so, and they’ll slow down your phone’s performance.
  • The processes that aren’t used at the moment but run somewhere in the background of your phone also consume much battery life and RAM, so it’s a good idea to kill all unnecessary processes manually (most Android devices, including the Samsung Galaxy Ace, have built-in apps like Task Manager to do this, but if yours doesn’t, just go to Android Market and get one).
  • If your phone has a hardware keyboard, disable the onscreen keyboard (go to Settings -> Locale & text -> Android keyboard) to make the phone faster and more responsive.

These were the easiest ways to save battery life and a considerable amount of RAM on your Android phone – any Android user can follow these tips. There are, of course, more “advanced” tips, too (like moving some stuff to /cache or to your SD card), but this is something not that safe, so you better not try it if you’re not an expert.

Oh, I just noticed that my mobile phone’s battery was last charged 3 days, 18 hours and 4 minutes ago. The battery is almost dead now, so I’m going to charge it. But it lasted for almost four days – not bad for a 1350mAH battery, right? Tell us how well your mobile phones work, in the comments below.

4 thoughts on “How to Save Battery Life and RAM in Android Mobile Phones

  • April 28, 2012 at 2:55 am

    i have tried and done all the mentioned points above but still the battery doesn’t last more dn an hour if i play any game or draw picture or use any application, obviously i have not bought the phone to just left it as it is n to increase battery power. i want to use the phone but the battery always prohibits me to play with my phone.

  • June 10, 2012 at 3:03 am

    my galaxy ace phone battery gets drain down much faster then before… i have been using it for about a year now… but this problem never occurred before. 3 days back I downloaded the “Cut the rope” game free version… and since then the problem has started. Although I have uninstalled the app… the problem still persits… i charged my phone full and went out… i only attended a few calls… and wen I came back it was almost over…
    i am really worried… and cant use my phone properly… I have to charge it more often now… plz help

  • October 30, 2012 at 1:33 am

    I also do the same and it really works. But I did not modify my pink themed phone into dark ones because I love the color. Anyway, my phone’s battery still lasts a day or two.

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