HTC will maintain a qualitative approach in 2012

In the context of a market with dozens of different models from many players, smartphones manufacturers looking for ways to differentiate themselves and continue to a growing market but must be increasingly shared by all.

It is already clear that the strategy of occupation by many market models observed in 2011 cannot work over time, except perhaps for the larger players such as Samsung, and 2012 should be less hectic in this area.

This year, the idea is rather to seek to create iconic models, capable of being sold millions of copies, with the advantage of being able to articulate about them a solid communication strategy and achieve economies of scale in production.

This quest for the iconic smartphone carrying values of its creator can already be seen in the reactivation of the Razr brand, Motorola Mobility and should also be central to the strategy of the Taiwanese manufacturer HTC.

In 2012, there will be emblematic HTC smartphones

Phil Roberson, director of HTC UK, confirmed that the manufacturer would concentrate on a smaller number of models, with a rather high-end positioning. Recognizing that HTC was a bit scattered with too many models on the end of 2011, so it’s a focus that is preparing, with the need to give more visibility to some models to resist the juggernaut of Apple or Samsung.

This strategy is in line with this having always said the representatives of the company this year but it is not without risk. Status “emblematic” of a smartphone cannot be decreed, and manufacturers are likely to go after without finding it. With fewer models, impossible to catch up on the volume if the smartphone chosen to carry high values of the brand is shunned by the public.

The other danger is to miss an in-growing segment, that of entry-level smartphones, many analysts expect it will drive growth in smartphones this year.

So far, HTC has always argued that it favored the consistency of the user experience offered on its smartphones and tablets and would not commit to the entry level. This vision should be maintained in 2012 at the risk of letting others take advantage of the opportunity.

Note that Motorola Mobility has expressed the same idea will start showing fewer models and refine the user experience to limit the manipulations in the settings by creating a kind of “intelligence” of the smartphone that exceed the expectations of the user by providing appropriate settings according to his own habits, instead of requiring the user to achieve its settings from a base configuration.

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