i.Tech Dynamic SolarVoice 908 Solar-powered Bluetooth headset launched

Technology.am (Oct 28, 2009) — It appears that introduction and launching as the first solar-powered Bluetooth headset to feature noise lessening, i.Tech Dynamic has introduced a unique gadget in the market called the SolarVoice 908 Bluetooth headset.

i.Tech 908 bluetoothThe eco-friendly SolarVoice 908 offers backdrop noise decrease with digital signal processing software to diminish audio distractions.

Boasting A2DP tech for music streaming the headset comes with ear buds held to be specially designed to let air to reach the ear canal, supplied in four sizes.

Complete with a headset cradle intended for desktop and in-car use, the SolarVoice boasts up to 5-hours talk time when juiced to the max. For those gloomy days, there’s the capability to charge from the wall or USB port.

This incredible headset is available now in the Far East, the SolarVoice 908 goes on sale for HK$588 – around $75 or £47.

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