IBM Launches New Real-Time Data Analysis Software (May 13, 2009) — IBM’s long-awaited real time data analysis software is going to sell which is aimed to help companies analyze real-time data, ranging from traffic data to manufacturing processes, to find more efficient ways to run their business.

ibmThe company said the software can be used where vast amounts of data are available at real-time. The software is designed to analyze streams of real-time data and could help financial institutions monitor transactions and analyze risks, or help hospitals monitor patients to detect problems early.

Generally people store the data, and they try to understand it later. What we’re saying is, it’s hard to do that, and by the time you get around to looking at it later the events of interest may be over.

It could also help chipmakers, for example, monitor the entire manufacturing process which often involves 500-1,000 steps. The software could pinpoint errors to solve them before they multiply or lead to serious losses, IBM said.

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