iJector: “Mobile Theater Projector and Stereo Speaker” for your ipod and iphone

Technology.am (June 25, 2009) — Japanese company Lancerlink announced the iJector [JP], an LCOS projector that you can use with your iPod or iPhone.

iJectorIts shape is like a dock, and making it possible to watch video stored on your iPod on the go via its built-on stereo speakers. The projector features 20 lumens brightness and comes with a lamp that has a life span of 30,000 hours.

The iJector weighs just 120g and measures 195×145×96mm. It produces images sized up to 50 inches from 2.3m away and features a resolution of 557×234 pixels.

The iJector is compatible with the following Apple products: iPod nano generation 1/2/3, iPod Video generation 5 (30 and 50GB), iPod Classic (80GB, 160GB), iPod touch (8GB, 16 GB and 32 GB) and iPhone 3.0.

The iJector is licensed by Apple and costs $700 in Japan. For outside costumer, it is available from Trend Shop or Geek Stuff 4 U, when it becomes available July 17.

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