I’m Running Late. Wait, My Phone Already Told You

Technology.am (May 21, 2009) — Glympse Inc., launched an application, called Glympse that allows smart phone users send a message and a link to a map marking their location to anyone in their address book.

my_phoneOn a computer, recipients can watch in real time as the sender circles the block looking for an open parking space.

Glympse launched a free “beta” test version of the service Tuesday for T-Mobile’s G1 Android phone.

The startup, founded last year by three Microsoft Corp. veterans, Bryan Trussel, Jeremy Mercer and Steve Miller, hopes to set itself apart from similar programs like Loopt and Google Latitude by not requiring Glympse users to set up a new social network.

Recipients don’t even need to download the program, by contrast, Google’s program only works if everyone uses its Gmail service, and Loopt requires all users to download the application and set up a network of friends.

Trussel, the chief executive officer, said Glympse hopes to support the free service with location-sensitive advertising at some point.

The versions for iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and other devices are coming soon, the company said.

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