World’s Largest Solar Cooking System Installed in India (Aug 6, 2009) — The World’s largest Solar Steam System has been installed at the shrine of 19th century saint Sai Baba at Shridi in India.

TJThis solar system will be used to cook food for the devotees visiting Shri Sai Baba Sansthan. The system generates steam of around 3500 kilograms which is sufficient for the 20,000 people who visit every day.

The cost for the system is about Rs13.3 million ($280,000), about 43% of which was paid for by the government. The system will result in annual savings of Rs 2 million (US$ 42,000) as well as 100,000 kg of cooking gas.

The system has been constructed so that it can continue to function absent electricity to run the water pump which circulates water through the system. This system was installed in a record time of just 10 months.

India already had the previous world’s largest solar-powered cooking system, serving 15,000 pilgrims daily at the Tirumala temple in Andhra Pradesh and another large solar steam cooking systems had installed at Mount Abu in Rajasthan for serving 10,000 people every day.

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