India leads in top ten IT Infrastructure as well as ADM Outsourcing Services (July 24, 2009) — Indian outsourcers became among the top ten worldwide in IT infrastructure services, according to Technology Partners International (TPI).

tpiIndian outsourcers came in the top ten not only in their traditionally strong area of application development and maintenance (ADM), but also in infrastructure services. Indian companies figured in the top ten last year in ADM but not in infrastructure services.

The outsourcing consultancy, TPI released its index this week covering the global commercial outsourcing market in the second quarter and the first half of this year.

That Indian companies have made it to the top ten in infrastructure services, a relatively new area in IT services for Indian outsourcers, suggests that customers are now considering seriously the option of remote delivery of these services from offshore locations like India.

It is unlikely that the outsourcing market this year will grow to last year’s level of $93.1 billion, and is more likely to end this year with total contracts of less than $80 billion.

The market for outsourcing has shrunk to US$40.2 billion in contracts in the first half of this year from $51.5 billion in the first half of last year. TPI monitors contracts of a value of $25 million and above.

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