Indian Company to Convert Waste in Eco-Friendly Fuel Pellets (July 29, 2009) — India-based company in the western state of Gujarat, Ahmedabad Municipal with Japanese integrated waste management company Creative plans to use new Rs 50 crore waste conversion project to obtain carbon credits.

indianThey will convert waste in eco-friendly fuel pullets which are expected to be used to fuel power plants throughout the city.

The city produces 2,300 metric tons of solid waste a day. Ahmedabad Municipal plans to provide 800 metric tons of solid waste daily for the project. The project is expected to start in 14 to 16 months.

Last year, India generated about 30 million carbon credits and was considered one of the largest beneficiaries in the carbon credit trade.

Private-sector Delhi International Airport Limited established a partnership with GMR Energy and SELCO International to build a $28.6 million plant that generates energy using municipal waste. The plant, to be built on 5.7 acres, is expected to be commissioned in late 2010.

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