Indian Telecom Department Making 11 Digit Numbers Mobile Phone (Apr. 5, 2009) — India’s Department of Telecommunication (DoT), is making mobile phone containing 11 digit numbers. The approximate base limit of 10 digit numbers is 450 million subscribers, which is going to deplete next year.


The 11 digit numbering system will be applicable for CDMA and GSM numbers. DoT is currently thinking over how exactly this system will be enforced. In most probability, there may be a ‘9’ prefix before all numbers.

In 2003 National Numbering Plan of DoT had said, “When subscriber base in a short distance charging area expands beyond 4 crore, changeover from 10-digit to 11-digit may be required. However, this scenario is not imagined almost for another 30 years.”

Presently, the two countries, UK and China are using the 11 digit numbering system.

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