iOS 8: Updates for Improving Your App Store Optimization (ASO)

The launch of iOS 8 means significant changes in the way users search for and purchase apps in the App Store, and developers must stay abreast of the latest software improvements if they hope to stay competitive. Here are a few key updates you should familiarize yourself with to ensure app store optimization success:

Trending Searches

These days, Twitter isn’t the only place people can go to keep up with the latest trends. Since the launch of iOS 8, the App Store has featured a “Trending Searches” section, which lists the top 10 most searched terms. Along with helping developers select the best keywords to promote their products, trending terms can provide them with inspiration for creating new mobile apps to meet user demand.

iOS 8: Updates for Improving Your App Store Optimization (ASO)

Dual Screenshot Display

Savvy developers know that images are a great way to attract users to your app. Not only do screenshots draw the eye of potential buyers, but they also offer a preview of your app’s platform and functionality. With the introduction of iOS 8, app developers can now display two screenshots in their search results instead of just one. By updating your listing to reflect this change, you can entice more users, boosting download rates, which will in turn improve upon your search rankings.


Video has been a crucial component of Google Play search for some time. However, with iOS 8, the App Store is jumping on the audiovisual bandwagon as well. To avoid missing out on this new sales opportunity, developers should create video previews for their apps. Aim for a 30-minute segment and make sure to follow the publishing guidelines of the App Store. As an added bonus, the video previews are easily shareable on Vine, so satisfied customers can promote your products to family and friends.

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Although the exact components of the App Store algorithm remain a mystery, developers can boost organic download rates by keeping up with the latest trends and best practices in app store optimization. A leader in ASO, Gummicube uses data gathered from thousands of previous campaigns to help app developers improve search volume. From selecting keywords to helping developers take advantage of ioS 8 and Google Play search updates, we do everything in our power to ensure your app finds it’s audience. Call today or contact our ASO experts online to give your app revenue a much-needed boost.

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