iOS6 – Expect more from Apple’s next!

Whilst the release dates of iOS6, Apple’s much anticipated operating system for iPad and iPhone is yet to be announced, expectation on the inclusive of new features in it has already reached its limits. This is surprisingly in contrast to the release of its latest operating system, iOS5.1.

According to reports, iOS6 would be released in to market during the second week of June this year. And, it was in June last year that iOS5 was released with much anticipation and notification. Hence, let’s hope for the same trigger to happen in the case of iOS6 as well.


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Read through to know more about some of the features that are expected to be included in iOS6.

Face Time

With Face time, a video-calling app one could chat right from their iPod Touch, iPad 2, iPhone and Mac units. However, it would add colours only if Apple users could chat with non- Mac users as well. Also, Facebook on 3G with good signal offers better connection than from locations where there are poor WiFi access points. Hence, signal reception is expected to be made stronger.

Turn-by-Turn Navigation with voice

Presently, the only possibility of getting in to iOS device is by downloading MapQuest or by by-passing the rights. The inclusion of this feature would help a lot in the process of navigation.


Siri, Apple’s personal assistant must be built with more supporting languages such as Japanese, Chinese, Italian and Korean apart from the already available languages like French, English and German. It would be of great help if Siri is included in iPad2, iPhone 4 or iPod Touch also as it is already available in iPhone 4S.

Voice in Siri

The voice change in Siri is yet another factor to be considered when iOS6 is released. Some prefer male voice rather a lovely female voice or vice versa and hence a choice must be available for the user to pick from.

Dual apps on a screen

Users must be able to open two apps simultaneously instead of one as there is ample space available for accommodation on the screen. It would be of great use if users could resize the app just by pinching and zooming.

Quiet locations

Although iOS supports a feature called the ‘Quiet locations’, it would be great if this feature is enhanced to make it more functional for its users. This feature currently turns silent in those locations where the option has been set.


Would NFC be introduced in Apple’s latest version, iOS6? In fact, this is what everybody is looking forward to. But the question that still remains is as to whether it would use the iTunes account or team up with existing payment providers for this feature.

NFC supports iOS

NFC supports iOS

iMessaging service

iMessaging service must be introduced on Mac although it is possible on iOS now. This feature would help in making communication simple and useful.

User accounts

Inclusion of multiple or guest mode accounts in the upcoming version would help multiple users largely as children could be allowed to have their accounts and may be allowed to meddle with the device without fear.

Automatic App updates

App requests that pop up on the screen interrupt users often when they are busy with some work on their device. Such update requests must be made automatic rather than pausing for user’s intervention although it does not consume much time to accept requests. Allocation of more space for new downloads would help users to a great extent particularly if they could continue working while the apps get downloaded in to their device automatically.

App switching

Swiping between apps must be introduced on phone screen although it might be difficult to design. iPad 2 users already have this feature on their device.

An app exclusive for maps

Apple must come up with its own app for Maps although it has the reframed version of Google maps. Also, more features are expected to be included in it to make it more functional.

Hide unnecessary apps

An option to hide certain apps that are not used much would add great value to the user as he might not need it often or might not need it at all. This option if included in the next version of Apple’s operating system- iOS6 would add colours to its features.

Although, users have been getting a new version of its operating system every year right from 2007, the release date of iOS6 is however fixed to 11th of June 2012. One can expect iOS6 to blow away other versions of operating systems if it is built with all the expected features in it. This indeed will be a boon for not only the software or hardware community but for its rivals as well as they would compete to bring out an even better device of their own.

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    my inqury about multitasking is that when you double click the home screen it comes up with multi tasking. the 1st page is good then when ypu slide accross its like they were never opened

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