iPhone 5: This is the race to update applications

In presenting its iPhone 5, Apple has broken one of the criteria of the most stable of the iPhone since its inception in 2007: the diagonal of the screen is now 4″ with a resolution of 1136 x 640 pixels, while the two predecessors operated a 3.5″ screen with 960 x 640 pixels.

This creates extra space on the surface of the screen that can be used to display more information. By default, for current applications, the display is centered, leaving two black stripes at each end.

During the presentation of  iPhone 5, Apple has shown some examples of its own mobile applications updated to iOS 6 and iPhone 5, the extra space on the screen being used to expand an overview (on a table or PDA, for example) or aggregating data.

The developers have a lot of interest in changing their applications to take into account this new feature, otherwise give the impression of being behind from 21 September, the marketing of the iPhone 5 … while by not having to overlook the smaller screen size than previous models.

But some observers, the larger screen may be an opportunity to rethink the functioning of the iOS mobile applications or to re-energize the production, at a time when the App Store portal has exceeded 700,000 applications.

16:9 is a boon for video service providers and could encourage the consumption of mobile video games while some offer additional opportunities. For example, publisher Electronic Arts already indicates that the title Real Racing 3 will use the extra space to display a mirror in racing.

Fragmentation induced by the evolution of the iPhone, that developers will be obliged to manage, is still small compared to other mobile platforms since Apple launched one model per year (or even 18 months depending on the cycles).

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