iSteve:The Book of Jobs – Will it be the ultimate chronicling of modern day technology?

Stay tuned for the biography of  a man who has reinvented the technology domain!  Apple CEO Steve Job has finally authorized a biography on his life. The book, to be titled “iSteve: The Book of Jobs,” will be authored by Walter Issacson, a renowned author who has to his credit the biographies of Albert Einstein and Benjamin Franklin.

Issacson, a former executive at CNN and Time magazine is currently the president and CEO of the Aspen Institute , a nonpartisan educational and policy studies institute in Washington .D.C. The author is a veteran in journalism with a stable hearted flow. He has interviewed Jobs, his family and colleagues at Apple and competitors for the story.

As we know,  a handful of Jobs biographies have already been written – without his consent though. Things had been in a muddle, with one of the publishers John Wiley & Sons even having to witness their work being ousted from Apple stores the unauthorized biography titled “iCon: Steve Jobs, The Greatest Second Act in the History of Business” was written by Jeffrey S. Young and William L. Simon in 2005.

Not huge, but Steve Jobs’ contributions have been remarkable in tech world. Among, the most key contribution is the creation of  Apple, which has eventually become an integral part of the lives of millions around the world. The release of Mac OS X in fact carved a relevant niche in software space later in.

Even as iPods and iTunes redefined the music industry, the iPhones today own a lion’s share in the mobile market. The iPhones are the most sought after devices today, with editions coming in one after the other.

One innovation that has totally redefined computing is the tablet. With the launch of the iPad, Jobs has brought into the world  something which mankind had all the while dreaming of. As per statistics, in 2010 Apple sold 15 million iPads. The second generation iPad 2 is already here, while there has been talk of the iPad 3 too, of late.

Mobile apps have been another area that Jobs had been working on with utmost seriousness. In 2008 mobile apps came into existence at Apple and since then billions of apps have been downloaded.

Jobs’ own Mac OS X is today among the most loved software platforms ever created. Though alleged to have been taken off the Microsoft’s Windows platform, the Mac OS X platform has already brought forth innovative additions.

The official publisher Simon & Schuster of iSteve The Book of Jobs will bring the latest biography to the shelves by early 2012. No further details are available concerning the chronicle. Though we can’t predict the glitters, we guess it will  be a boon to our book racks.  What next, Steve?

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