Kodak close to bankruptcy: new complaint against Apple and HTC

At Eastman Kodak, it is time for strategic maneuvers to avoid the worst. Failing to succeed in his lawsuit fast enough to offset its debts, the company announced a major restructuring to reduce costs and refocusing on its core business.

The company also tried to sell some of its intellectual property, taking advantage of the interest of large groups for patents, but even the approaches to several potential candidates; this issue does not advance either.

The organization is reduced to up two sections and is accompanied by a redistribution of roles in management, while a placement under the Bankruptcy is always possible to refine the fundamental transformation of the group, which is drowning in debt and especially cannot rely on court decisions which are several times postponed.

Apple and HTC against Kodak

This does not preclude Eastman Kodak to file a new complaint with a court of the State of New York and a request from the side of the ITC (International Trade Commission) against device manufacturers Apple and HTC, accusing them of ‘unauthorized use of four of its patents on technology preview images in their smartphones.

Kodak had already attacked Apple and RIM on the same basis last year, hoping to pocket a compensation that could be up to $ 1 billion (estimate based on a previous trial win against the Koreans Samsung and LG Electronics). With this new complaint, the company continues to put pressure on manufacturers for license fees that they refuse to pay.

The absence of negotiations, the traditional way to revive the discussion through the legal complaint and the threat of blocking sales of mobile products concerned on American soil, with financial compensation.

Kodak also said that they are ready to drop the charges if an amicable resolution is emerging as to whether Apple and HTC are willing to pay him for patents. They could however be tempted to let it rot the case, clearly playing time against Kodak.

One thought on “Kodak close to bankruptcy: new complaint against Apple and HTC

  • January 16, 2012 at 9:15 am

    What a desperate move by Kodak…going after deep pockets like Apple and HTC to stay afloat. When litigation is a more viable option to avoid bankruptcy than innovation, it is a sad day for American business.

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