Laptops vs. iPads – Who will come out on top?

Ever since the first computer came out, every year thereafters there’s been something new that’s supposedly revolutionary – take for example the Amstrad E-m@iler or any one of the highly mobile pc’s that came out with a stylus on screen keyboard.

But every now and then, something good does come out, that really does shake things up, and at the end of last year that product arrived, and it’s made a real change to how people browse both at home and in the workplace.

Introducing the iPad…

The Apple iPad has taken off like never before, in fact in the UK it has almost 75% market share of the UK tablet computer market. And perhaps more suprisingly, Apple is selling more iPads than Dell is selling laptops.

Given that Dell is one of the worlds most recognised brands when it comes to computers, it’s a prett astonishing figure. And it strongly suggests that tablet computers really are the future of computing.

It seems everyone is embracing iPads, swapping full spec laptops with all the memory in the world for thin, light and stylish tablets. Thinking about it, who can blame them? There’s no start up time, no replacing mouse batteries – just a sleek touchscreen and thousands of apps available to download instantly.

It wouldn’t be unrealistic to think that in 2012 tablets like the iPad could establish themsleves as the computing tool of choice. Unless you need a full size keyboard – it’s becoming increasingly difficult to see what benefits come with traditional laptops for typical tasks like checking emails, browsing the net or reading over documents.

The decline in netbook sales is perhaps one of the biggest indicators, once touted as the replacement to the laptop, sales on netbooks are reportedly down 40%. And it’s quite simple to see why people are switching. If you can’t type comfortably on the keyboard, you have to squint to see the screen and browsing websites that don’t scale well is a pain – then a tablet is obviously the answer.

What’s more, the iPad is developing fast, and new apps are coming out on a daily basis.

It’s clear to see that laptop makers are quite worried because they’re all bringing out Ultraboks as a way to compete. Ultrabooks are abit like a laptop but much thinner, powerful and alot more expensive.

These machines are designed to handle all of your computing needs so really are an ideal desktop replacement, are meant to load up instantly and be ultra portable.

Hang on a minute – who makes the most popular Ultrabook?

If you’re thinking it’s Apple with the Macbook Air then you’d be right. This is the computer which pretty much defined what an ultrabook should be – and it certainly represents what other ultrabook manufacturers aspire to.

Perhaps the argument isn’t about which will win – the laptop or the iPad, but which one of Apples products will get the biggest market share.

This was written by Richard Querrey – Visit his website.

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