LG Debuts ‘World’s Thinnest’ LCD TV

Technology.am (May 20, 2009) — LG says it has successfully developed the ultra-slim 42- and 47-inch LCD TV displays. It will be the world’s thinnest LCD TV displays.

worldsthinnest_lcd_tvThe size of the two new panels is just 5.9mm thick that is 1mm slimmer than JVC’s 7mm 32-inch TV prototype.

The new LG models feature LED lighting, which enables a thinner, lighter design, where as conventional LCD TVs that use Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (CCFL) backlighting.

The new LG models weigh just 6.1kg and 7.3kg each, making them roughly half the weight of same-sized CCFL-backlit LCD TVs.

The TVs will feature a 120Hz refresh rate, which improves the appearance of fast action. There’s motion picture response time, which also improves the quality of fast-moving images. The slim LG sets have a 8ms response time-that’s pretty good.

It is expected that the new LG sets are full HD (1920 by 1080 pixels). They also provide a color saturation level of 80 percent (NTSC).

As yet LG did not say about the shipment and the cost of the new ultra-slim panels.

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