LG Electronics Unveiled Front Loading Washing Machine

lg-electronicsLG Electronics launched its Front loading washing machine model, Steam Tromm for the Indian consumer. This machine is a perfect blend of Features and Design and positioned for Premium Seeking and Feature Maximisers consumer segments. Steam Tromm will be available in 9/5Kg in dark red and black colour and it is priced at Rs. 70000/- ($ 1400)

Steam Tromm works on Direct Drive Technology which demands negligible maintenance and has a low noise level. Another splendid feature is the enhanced wash quality with Steam which is unique in nature. This ensures the washing to be bacteria & allergy free which best suits be Health conscious people.


The machine automatically detects the load and optimizes the washing time owing to its “Automatic Wash Load Detection Feature”. The Steam Tromm also comes with a child lock which prevents children from pressing any button.

One thought on “LG Electronics Unveiled Front Loading Washing Machine

  • November 25, 2009 at 10:05 am

    Lets face it, having a reliable washer and dryer is tremendous benefit in life that is too often overlooked. If you want to obtain and enjoy this “privilage” in life do not purchase a front loading cloths washer. You will likley be very disappointed and the lesson you learn from doing so will be rather expensive. Look across the internet and you will find that most all reports from front load users will identify a multitude of problems primarily moldy stinky cloths. Do the research and you will find hundreds of suggestions on how to remedy this all too common complaint. Fact is that you can perform a multitude of cleaning techniques only to superfically remedy the problem. Do yourself a favor, save money and improve your lifestyle by doing the research. These new wave washers are terribly disappointing. Buy a top load set and take the family out several times with the money you save.

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