LG to Launch 15-inch OLED TV

Technology.am (Sept. 01, 2009) — LG Electronics has announced to launch a 15-inch organic display TV in early September.

lgtolaunch15First there was Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) then there was plasma, then Surface-conduction Electron-emitter (SED) and now OLED or Organic Light Emitting Diode technology the fourth flat screen technology.

The new TV screen uses an active matrix of organic light emitting diodes (AM-OLED), which are self-illuminating, no need of backlighting.

The picture quality OLED screens are superior to LCDs or plasma. Its screens are so thin, they can be made flexible and it uses less power than the more widely used liquid crystal displays (LCDs).

Sony Corp launched the world’s first OLED TV in late 2007 and only one model is available this time for around $2,500 in the US, but LG’s TV is expected to retail for much less.

LG also plans to unveil a 40-inch OLED-TV product in a not too distant future.

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