Logitech Clock Radio Dock S400i: a Swiss clock

After the Pure-Fi Express Plus (who had to return disappointed), Logitech has a new dock clock radio iPod and iPhone compatible. He promises more features than its predecessor, we’ll try to see what is really

Unpacking we find a dock with a streamlined design, different from that proposed by some models of the brand. The case is very plastic and lacquer coating promises many cleanings, this texture grip easily dust and fingerprints. The S400i also displays substantial dimensions (220 x 170 x 92 mm): He will take up space on a nightstand. The dock comes with a little basic but functional remote control.

At the top are several buttons: one for food, for the other three source selection (iPod / iPhone, radio jack), two for the selection of alarms, a play / pause and previous final / next. The volume knob is clickable quite large and comfortable to the touch, but it tends to tilt slightly to one side or the other. Logitech had accustomed us to finish as best …

Tilt the dock, which we access through a trap door, avoiding the use of multiple adapters. It supports all iPod, iPod classic (6th generation), iPod nano (all generations), iPhone and iPhone 2G/3G/3GS 4. For the iPad, the first models of iPod and other music players, the only possible compatibility will be via the jack (cable not included).

Consumption is very low: 0.7 watts and 2.7 watts in standby with an iPod nano (3rd generation) on the dock reading medium volume. For those that light can not sleep, adjusting the backlight is quick and easy. But Logitech does not go far as to allow a complete extinction of the display, it’s a shame! Good point, however: the S400i has a slot for a coin cell battery that will serve as backup to avoid failure alarm. Welcome security.

In the back sits the FM antenna jack (not removable!), Food, a 3.5 mm input jack and a selector for selecting the time display (12H or 24H). Note that this dock integrates AutoSync: a new feature that automatically synchronizes time from your iPod or iPhone. However, it may be disabled in favor of a manual.

Functionality and ergonomics

The Clock Radio Dock S400i does its job of clock radio unlike the Pure-Fi Express Plus, which we reproached an obvious lack of features. It can wake up with his music from an iPod / iPhone, but also listening to the radio (3 programmable radios) or more radical, with a beep. It has two alarms that can be activated simultaneously at different times: handy if you share his bed! And it may even be a pleasant way to sleep: sleep mode the music will stop automatically after a given time per cycle of 15 minutes (15 to 90 min). However, it still will not Logitech application to accompany its iOS dock clock radio.

Fortunately, the ergonomics point of view Clock Radio Dock S400i is very easy to use once the operating instructions read (few minutes). Functions are fast access, choice of sources and alarms are all that is simple. Upon awakening, no need to think too much, simply press the alarm button or press big volume knob! The repeat key on the remote works well but woke up, we saw more simple …


On the audio side, we regret that this dock clock radio does not reproduce the strengths of the Pure-Fi Dream … While Logitech announces its “rich and full,” the record is muffled, muffled sound. Without getting into the bass, the bass is too strong, the mids and highs are absent somewhat nasal. In short, do not expect to find the qualities of a stereo


Functionally, the Dock Clock Radio S400i is a good product, but even at that price (about 75 euros) we expected better in the choice of materials. He is sober, too, and maybe turn plastic does not necessarily appeal to … For sound, given the size of the object he could do much better!

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