London uncovers digital datastore (Jan 07, 2010) — Over 200 data sets detailing life in London are to be put online by the capital’s governing body. Information regarding planning decisions, crime rates, abandoned vehicles, house prices, road accidents and many other metrics will structure the London datastore.

london mayarThe Greater London Authority said the online data warehouse will formally release on 29 January. Boris Johnson, London Mayor, said releasing the data would make the GLA more open and responsible.

“I firmly believe that access to information should not just be the preserve of institutions and limited elite,” said Mr Johnson in a statement.

“Data belongs to the people – mainly that held by the public sector – and getting hold of it should not engross a multifaceted schedule of jumping through a series of ever declining hoops,” he said.

The data is expected to prove attractive to the budding cadre of web developers and programmers keen to put it to use. Those who come up with the most pioneering ways to bind the data could get a considerable grant to assist them bring their thought to life.

4iP, Channel 4’s Innovation for the Public Fund, said it would support the finest ideas with a £200,000 cash pot. The resolution to set up the datastore follows a related move by central government to begin releasing some official datasets to programmers and developers.

The site will operate as a storehouse for centrally held information and was unveiled in November 2009. It will go completely live in April 2010.

Likewise, many developers have been badgering local authorities to make public the data they hold so they can put it to public use. Sites such as Openly Local and Mash The State have been campaigning for more access to data.

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