Making or Breaking Your Startup with a Domain Name

Domain names can play a critical part when naming your business. If you are looking to establish any kind of lasting business, you should always take into consideration whether or not it’s worth setting up a website; in most cases the answer is yes.

If you have a very generic business name, it may become more difficult to get an exact domain name match, as someone has most likely already purchased something like If you are setting up a business that is going to rely heavily on your website (such as an ecommerce site) it may be a good idea to check if the domain name of your choice is still free and base your final decision on availability.

There are always other ways round these issues, you could try checking if the domain name was available in a country specific extension, such as or maybe even the area specific names which have recently become available to purchase such as

As mentioned above, we have recently seen a release of many new domain names, called gTLDs (generic Top Level Domains) which can be found on Wikipedia under the ICANN-era generic top-level domains. These URLs are available for purchase from many domain name sites, it’s always a good idea to check for a good offer for the domain name registration to make sure you are getting your monies worth.

Try to avoid alternate spellings of your name, as this can be confusing for the user. Missing out vowels may seem like a good way around unavailability or expensive prices, but it can create difficulty in the long run when users are attempting to type your URL in and getting into confusion when they are trying to figure out which letters of a word are actually being used.

It is always a good idea to keep your domain name short, as long domain names with several words can cause confusion and creates a greater chance of misspelling; The shorter the URL, the quicker it will be to type and the easier it will be to remember.

Having a memorable or catchy name will always pan out great in the future. If someone glances at your site name they probably won’t remember an average name the first time, but something that sticks out in their mind will be a good call, things that are visual or trigger thought will always leave more of a mark in your memory than things that are less interactive.

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