McAfee Launches Free Online Cybercrime Help Center (Apr. 29, 2009) — If you have visited a malicious Web site or opened an e-mail attachment with malware. Don’t worry; simply go to a new Web site McAfee.

mcafeeA new Website McAfee is launching that is designed to help computer users to figure out whether they have been victimized and what to do if they have been.

The new Cybercrime Response Unit offers a forensic scanning tool that checks for malware on the computer and cookies left by suspicious Web sites. A toll-free number is available.

The main Cybercrime Response Unit page will help to find out the probability of that computer or a user’s habits may be linked to fraudulent activities, guide victims to the financial institutions and creditors to clear up any fraudulent activity, and report any crime to law enforcement. There’s also a five-minute video explaining what the site is about.

If visitors feel they may have been victimized by cybercrime, they can click through to a page that contains a series of questions that will be used to determine the level of risk.

In addition, there are questions about user behavior, including whether the visitor responded to an e-mail or Web site request for personal information that may have been a scam, whether an e-mail attachment was opened that could have been malicious, and whether the computer was lost or stolen.

The visitor is then motivated to run the McAfee Cybercrime Scanner. The scanner looks for unauthorized programs running on the computer, visits to known malicious Web sites, unauthorized connections to the computer, unauthorized modifications to the computer protections, security sessions or browser and other unauthorized activity.

However, the tool does not run on Firfox, you have to open Internet Explorer and start the process over.

One thought on “McAfee Launches Free Online Cybercrime Help Center

  • April 29, 2009 at 1:15 pm

    How useful can this be ?
    I mean most people who surf a lot on the internet know about scams and are careful when trying out something new.

    Its the ones who rarely use computers that usually fall for these tricks and since they rarely use their systems anyways, they probably dont knw about any sites that could help them.

    Maybe they should ship laptops with a shortcut for this website.

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