Med-Minder reminds you to take your Medicine (Sept. 03, 2009) — MedMinder a smart pill organizer, helps patients to take the right medicine at the right time, and allows care managers and family members to monitor the patient’s medication activity.

aboutPicThe new firm, Newton, MA-based MedMinder, sells an Internet-enabled device called Maya–a textbook-sized pillbox with 28 pill cups, each designated for a particular time and day of the week.

When it’s time for a dose, a light below the appropriate cup flashes. Beeps start 30 minutes later and become more frequent over time. If the patient still hasn’t taken the pills, Maya can call or email a reminder to patients, families and care managers.

The system sends out weekly and monthly reports to nurses and relatives to help monitor patient compliance.

The detailed adherence data collected by the system is accessible via the MedMinder web application and can be integrated with other clinical systems such as predictive modeling, case management and electronic medical records.

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