Microsoft adds App Access to Non-Smart Phones (Aug. 25, 2009) — Microsoft has released OneApp program, a new mobile software tool designed to add smartphone like features such as internet access to conventional handsets, which is aimed at developing countries where cheaper phones and pre-paid services are the norm.

one-appOneApp has launched with over a dozen applications including stock tracker, RSS reader, sports news, mobile transactions, news and weather.

It would appear as a single application that can easily access all mobile apps.

OneApp allows consumers with existing, non-smartphone devices to access Web sites such as Twitter, Facebook, in an efficient way.

OneApp do not require much in terms of data usage and memory; it runs only one individual application at a time. It doesn’t need much energy to run the mini-software programs. The graphics are lower resolution than those in iPhone apps.

Microsoft teamed with Blue Label Telecoms to make OneApp part of a new ‘mibli’ mobile service to be offered free in South Africa and soon it will roll out in India, China and other countries.

The OneApp software would use a number of additional features to reduce resource use and would minimize network use in order to keep data access charges low.

OneApp includes cloud services that help offload processing and storage from the phone to the Internet.

Third party software for the platform can be written with web development tools such as XML or JavaScript.

It runs currently only on Nokia S-60 based devices. The kit is expected to be available for developers by the end of this year.

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