Microsoft, Amazon and Yahoo unite against Google Book Search (Aug. 21, 2009) — Microsoft, Yahoo and Amazon have banded together against a legal settlement between Google and the Authors Guild and the Association of American Publishers.

21aug09_goba259They have signed on a coalition, called Open Book Alliance that will oppose to Google’s digital book ambitions, which will also persuade a US federal judge to think whether Google is in breach of competition laws.
The settlement would allow Google to continue to digitize millions of out-of-print books, with the help of several of the nation’s largest libraries.
The settlement provides $125m to Publishers that Google has agreed to pay to cover copyright infringements. The settlement would also give 70% of the sale of those digital books to writers and publishers, while Google would keep the remaining 37%.
Google had already scanned at least 7m books, using cameras able to convert up to 1,000 pages an hour.
The class-action settlement that would expand Google’s digital library is scheduled to be reviewed by U.S. District Judge Denny Chin in an Oct. 7 court hearing in New York.

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