Microsoft in Another Anti-Trust Battle

Microsoft has had a quite indulging history in lawsuits and infringements. Microsoft was in an infamous battle with the United States of America regarding civil actions in 1998 and after getting out of that Microsoft later plunged in another lawsuit with its competitive giant Apple over the use of visual graphical user interface.

Microsoft is again in the news and that to for anti-trust, it looks like Microsoft and law goes hand in hand, when one thing ends another sprout out and this new anti-trust problem is nothing to joke about. According to internal Microsoft sources, it is being taken to court regarding an anti-trust battle about its Internet Explorer and this time Microsoft could end up paying billions of dollars in exchange for the battle.

The European regulations assert that Microsoft didn’t comply with the 2009 commitment that lets users decide about whichever browser they want to use. According to a new declaration I 2010, when users installed the new windows in their personal computers and laptops a pop up window was to be made applicable that would give users the freedom to choose from eleven different internet browsers and this would also include Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. Although Microsoft agreed to this new compliance after February 2011’s Windows 7 pack the pop-up screen failed to show up and user’s had to stick with the Internet Explorer option. The European commission stated that they were quite upset about this resolution as Microsoft had said that they would honor this new change but failed to follow it and this was a negligence of proper ethical competition.

Microsoft recently admitted to its falter and said that they hadn’t been displaying the choice screen which was supposed to show Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Avant Browser, Maxton and four others.
According to the vice-president of the commission in-charge for proper competition; their decision was quite serious and it needed to be implemented. There is no place for unfair competition and Microsoft’s negligence to follow a simple instruction could be quite detrimental. According to law if Microsoft has breached the given law it could be fined for at least 10% of its annual income and according to Microsoft its last year revenue reached up to $70 billion which means an imaginable amount of money going for fines.

Although Microsoft has apologized for this problem, stating it as a technical error that was oblivious to them till the European commission told them their statement isn’t quite valid. According to Microsoft’s spokesperson they failed to keep accord of their responsibilities and feel quite guilty. They also say that they will remove this error and restore the Windows Service Packs according to the commissions desired and make change to amend this given error. They have even pushed as far as to say that this problem will be fixed within this week which makes Microsoft’s plea quite serious.

The battle’s for internet browsers aren’t something new, they have taken place many times since the internet came intobeing, some of the first being Microsoft’s actions to prioritize its Internet Explorer over others like Netscape Navigator, a browser that has been now extinct from the software market.

Such examples make it a serious issue for commissions that take care of possible competitions and need to make sure that nothing delirious happens. Although Microsoft’s once famous Internet Explorer was quite the leader in the internet browsing industry it now has less than half of the market considering Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox have taken over users with their internal plug-ins and fast service.

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