Microsoft Kinect coming for Windows in February

At CES 2012, Microsoft CEO – Steve Ballmer – has complied with the traditional exercise of the statement of some figures in connection with the motion sensor Kinect, known through his association with the Xbox video game console 360. Last year, more than 18 million sensors have been sold.

From February 1st, 2012, the Windows version of Kinect will be marketed in 12 countries including the United States, Canada, UK, Germany, France and seven other countries. Via a network of resellers and distributors, Microsoft announces limited quantities initially.

On, you can already find traces of the Kinect material for Windows to a pre-order and a posted price of $250 ($249.99). Later this year, offers a $149 will be reserved for educational institutions only.

Microsoft Kinect for Windows in 2012

The technical details refer to support for Windows 7 and Windows 8 (the pre-release, desktop applications). Kinect for Windows will also support the movement and the voice on devices with Windows Embedded.

Kinect for Windows is designed to be used only with the SDK (Software Development Kit). This allows the design of applications in C++, C# or Visual Basic using Microsoft Visual Studio Studio 2010.

This SDK allows the detection of the skeleton to detect the image of one or two people that stand near the device, audio capabilities with a micro four elements with ambient noise cancellation and echo, the identification of the sound source, the API recognition Windows Speech, a camera in three dimensions to measure the distance between an object and the sensor Kinect.

By the end of 2011, Microsoft indicated that over 200 companies around the world participated in a pilot program to explore commercial opportunities of Kinect and its use in several areas (health, industry, education …).

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