Microsoft Launches Home Energy Monitoring Tool (June 25, 2009) — Microsoft launched a free online home energy monitoring tool. Its latest program Microsoft Hohm, an application that lets people monitors their electricity and natural gas consumption while providing energy-efficient solutions.

microsoft-energyThe name “Hohm” is derived from the electrical measuring unit “ohm.” The program was developed using licensed data from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the US Department of Energy, according to Microsoft. Microsoft Hohm is available as a beta, or test, version in the US at

“Microsoft Hohm demonstrates how a combination of advanced software and Internet-based services can help people track, understand and manage their personal energy usage,” Craig Mundie, chief research and strategy officer at Microsoft, said.

“Microsoft Hohm will help our customers be more energy efficient by providing new insights and understanding into how they use energy and how they can conserve,” said Steve Reynolds, chief executive of Puget Sound Energy.

Microsoft’s Homh has also created a software development kit for utility companies, with the hopes that they will upload customers’ energy consumption data into the application. So far, four utilities have partnered with the service.

Microsoft’s Hohm comes a month after Google announced that it had partnered with energy companies in six US states, Canada and India in “smart meter” software which allows consumers to monitor their home electricity usage.

The Google PowerMeter can tell residents which devices or appliances in their homes are being electricity hogs and which are being frugal with energy.

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