Microsoft to Unveil Motion-Sensing 3D Camera for Xbox 360 Console (May 13, 2009) — Microsoft plans to unveil a new video camera that would allow players of its Xbox 360 console to control games by moving their bodies. And if true, it’s a clear shot across the bow of Nintendo and its innovative Wii console.

xboxThe Wall Street Journal said, “The camera is based on technology that Microsoft developed inside its sprawling research arm,” though it added that, “Microsoft also recently acquired Israeli start-up, 3DV…which has developed a 3D camera and holds related patents.”

For Microsoft, coming up with a controller that could be appealing to a more casual gaming audience is key to carving away at Nintendo’s giant lead in the so-called “next-generation” video game console wars.

Though both Microsoft and Sony–which makes the much-maligned PlayStation 3–contend that the Wii is not really a competitor, the two companies originally lumped all three consoles together before the generation began in 2005 with the Xbox launch, and continued a year later with the Wii and PS3 launches.

The Journal said that the new camera could be shown at next month’s E3 show in Los Angeles, though it might not come out until later in the year, and that Microsoft is expected to first sell the camera as an accessory rather than bundling it with the Xbox.

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