Microsoft Use its own Employees to test Various Search Ideas: Kumo

microsoftThe latest from the newsmakers was the brand change and the newest search interface by Microsoft was “KUMO”. There are various changes done along with more screenshots provided to understand the concept even better.

Yes, the Microsoft has been announcing about its brand change since years leaving people with more anxiety as to what will they finally change to. The new alteration done is nothing to be excited about as people were waiting for this very special news and that was of great curiosity was to what will they change? KUMO, that was something suggested by last November. I doubt whether that would be the final change as Microsoft has already designated it to be the successor search brand.

The company has proclaimed that it has been using the URL, just for the basic testing purpose and not as a long term one. With the sharply weaved online offers by the company, they have come up with the idea to straighten the online brands. was specially sent to Microsoft employees to make a try and send back their feedbacks as to what is to be improved and what is good in it and so called the test program. This is exclusively open for the corporate network and internal traffic of will be redirected to collect enough feedbacks.

You might be thinking what is Kumo and the officials have the explanation to this as it is just a code name which was titled for the new test program they were into. According to various studies and estimations conducted, it has been noted and proved that the customers are not happy with the search engines due to varied reasons and they do not end up finding what they need. Therefore, Microsoft has got into the real task with to help customers search as well achieve the task taken by them.

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