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Microsoft has recently ventured in to yet another diversified field called the social networking or social media. Wide speculation started off after it accidentally launched a site called the; following which a new social networking site was launched called the ‘’ pronounced as ‘Social’. This site combines social media with Search functionality to improve learning experience among students. Users can sign-up with the service using the account credentials of either Facebook or Windows Live ID. As soon as they login to their account they are presented with a list of suggested topics of interests and more.

The main intention behind the development of this social networking site is to bring Bing search in to It is not created to compete with other social networking sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Linkedin but for the sake of the student community. Hence, users of can use this site for learning.

socl – A social networking site for students

Features of

  • It’s designed with three column layout- navigation tools on the left; invites and other options on the right; and a social feed in the centre
  • A box called ‘What are you searching for?’ is placed at the centre of each page to bring in search functionality of Bing, Microsoft’s search engine
  • It is mainly intended for educational purpose and hence there is very little possibility for personal interaction through messages or @replies
  • Much similar to Facebook’s recommend or share buttons, has a button called the ‘bookmarklet’ that adds up a “Share on” button to the bookmark toolbar of the user. This allows the user to share websites with other users on
  • Commenting, sharing and tagging other user’s posts can be done just as you do on Facebook. Another feature called the ‘riff’ has been included to improve on the content
  • ‘Video parties’ is a new feature introduced in that allows users to create a collection of videos. Users can assemble videos so that it can be shared with other users easily
  • Launched as an open search tool, all searches made by users will be visible to other users and to other third parties as well
  • user activity will be posted only if opted for, unlike Facebook
  • An invite will be sent to Facebook users only if users send one
  • Has a lot more features of Pinterest
  • Best suited for businesses, and to promote your website
  • You can follow people and also invite your friends
  • Smiley button can be pressed to give comment to some other’s posts
  • Extra images can be added by clicking on the ‘More’ button
  • Large pictures are arranged on the screen to make it standout from the rest screen

Home page of

In short can be described as a platform to,

  • Discover new topics ranging from anything to everything
  • Connect to people so that you can discuss with people and interact with them
  • Learn by sharing with what you have got so that it would be useful for others

With a bunch of social networking sites available currently, one needs to understand as to how well Microsoft can make popular among the student community. According to FUSE Labs, is an experimental research project that is focussed mainly to encourage learning experiences among younger generations. All of the above features discussed in this article promises to become popular if they are found to be extremely useful for end-users. Why not try it out for yourself and put in your comments below.

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