Millenniata discs to keep data 1,000 years (July 20, 2009) — Millenniata plans to release an archival optical disc that is nearly identical to a run-of-the-mill DVD that is capable of holding corrupt-free data for 1,000 years, when stored at room temperature compared to modern DVDs being reliable for less than 10 years.

Millenniata discThe main thing of its longevity is the use of hard, persistent materials in the layers of the disc. The materials are similar to obsidian, a glass-like igneous rock, as it can be permanently attached to a reflective material.

Data is carved into the media using an enhanced burner, the Millennial Writer, and the resulting disc can then be read by any DVD drive.

Millenniata’s discs and writers will be built under a license from Philips, as the two are currently in final negotiations. It is estimated Millennial Disks will at first cost between about $25 and $30.

The company claims that this technology can also be applied to the high-capacity Blu-ray format. At the beginning, Millenniata will market its wares to large organizations such as libraries, government agencies and schools.

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