Mind-Blowing Facts About The Brain

Brain is the most amazing part of the human body. This article will amuse you in the sense that it will make you realize that the brain is not working the way you think. It still baffles people and many doctors have dedicated their lives to analyse the brain. To better appreciate the brain, read the below article which sketches out the most important and amazing fun factors about brain.

Brain Feels No Pain

It will not hurt a bit. Yes, there are no pain receptors in the brain. Surgeons can perform brain surgery even when the patient is awake. Then how do we feel pain? A sensory receptor sends signals to the spinal cord and brain alert us of danger.

100,000 Miles of Blood Vessels in the Brain

There are about 100,000 miles of blood vessels and 100 billion neurons in the brain. If they were stretched out they would circle the earth more than four times.  The most curious part is that brain consumes 17% of your body’s energy and 20% of its oxygen while it only contains 2% of your body mass. Another thing is that it can produce 10-23 watts of power when awake which is enough to light a bulb. It has the enough space to store the entire Enclyclopedia Britannica fivefold or 1,000 terrabytes of information.

Differences Between Right and Left Brain

The brain is divided into two hemispheres. Each controls different modes of thinking. The left brain focuses on logical thinking, analysis, and accuracy. While the right brain focuses on creativity, aesthetics and feeling.  They both work in opposites- if you stub your left toe; the pain is processed on the right brain. One of the bizarre facts about the brain is, even if you lose one-half of your brain you can still survive. If you watch the politicians, you are forced to believe the fact.

Sorry Ladies, Men’s Brains are 10% Bigger

Are men smarter than women? No, though women’s brains are smaller than men’s they have more connections and nerve cells which all work more efficiently than in men. One true fact is that they all process on the emotional left brain while in men it is the logical right brain. There is an area in the brain to nurture the feminine traits and it is are proportionately larger in women.

Your Brain is More Active When You Sleep

When the night comes, we may sleep but our brains may not. It is the time for your brain to analysis the events that has occurred in the day. Scientists call it dreaming. The brain at that time processes the complex emotions and interactions of our lives and sometimes it is the way to zero-out information. And a recent study proves that this can alleviate trauma.

Highest IQ? Kim Ung-yong with 210

Brain king Ung-young has learned algebra when he was 8 months old. By the time he was 2, he mastered 4 languages. He began attending university at 4, and graduated at 15. Can you believe it?

Does Size Matter?

There have been mixed opinions about the brain size and intelligence. Albert Einstein’s brain was only 1,230 grams, while the average adult male brain weighs 1,400 g.   Another study proves that the bigger the guy’s brain, the more intelligent he will be.

Why Do We Laugh?

Only human beings are blessed with such ability. True laughter is spontaneous. Babies begin to laugh when they are 4 months old. The most astonishing fact is that we are laughing not because of jokes. One doctor researched on this topic for ten years and discovered that a smile is not the result of a joke.

Lucid dreaming

Have you heard of lucid dreaming? It is the dreamy state where you can control the outcome of your dream. It has its origin in ancient Tibetian Buddhism. The disciples will practice “Dream Yoga” in which they will do the incredible feats of dexterity during sleep, as to remind the illusory nature of existence. The term was first coined by Frederik van Eeden in the 1880s.

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